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Community Health Improvement Plans

Community Health Improvement Plans

According to the Centers for Disease Control, "A community health improvement plan (or CHIP) is a long-term, systematic effort to address public health problems based on the results of community health assessment activities and the community health improvement process. A plan is typically updated every three to five years."

There are many processes used to develop these plans.  The most common process is the Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP).  TRPHD used this process to create the 2012 Two Rivers Public Health Department Community Health Improvement Plan. For our most recent plan, we used an innovative new process that combined community health assessment, strategic planning, and community health improvement planning.  

TRPHD completed a new Community Health Assessment in late 2020 and published a new Community Health Improvement Plan in December 2020.

This community health improvement plan is provided for your input!  We hope to hear from you.  If you would like to send comments or concerns, please contact us.

2020 TRPHD Community Health Improvement Plan

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