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Mission & Values


Two Rivers Public Health Department engages collaborative partners, community leaders, and the public to promote healthy lifestyles, provide preventative education, assure environmental quality, and create more healthy and safe communities for all who live within the district.


Two Rivers Public Health Department envisions a health district where all are able to safely and actively live, learn, work, and play in their communities. Two Rivers Public Health Department facilitates collaboratives, partnerships, and unique approaches that educate, empower, and engage local community partners, health providers, political decision-makers, community leadership, and the public.

Strategic Goals

Strengthen collaboration and increase service availability

  • Connect with community groups, local health systems, schools, and other partners to improve collaborative efforts to address health.
  • Assess services and gaps in service in the district annually
  • Grow and maintain partners through regular communication and outreach including an annual assessment of TRPHD's impact on the community

Improved access to care for underserved populations

  • Conduct a thorough assessment which specifically notes: disparities in the district, partners who are able to collaborate to address disparities, shows quantitative and qualitative data, and is shared widely.
  • Release monthly educational topics of wellbeing through a variety of platforms.
  • Expand on TRPHD CHIP priority of access to care
  • Seek grant funding opportunities 

Enable sustainable organizational systems and infrastructure

  • Augment strengths-based coaching to develop staff, utilizing individual development plans
  • Foster staff relationships through team building exercises
  • Create a workforce representative of our district
  • Champion innovative, tech-savvy staff
  • Complete an assessment of infrastructure needs in order to create a 10 year plan.

Become a trusted resource for local data 

  • Become THE source of health information for our district
  • Increase primary data collection of health issues important to our community
  • Develop collaboration with academic partners to increase data analysis capabilities
  • Develop internal data competencies