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Point of Sale Tobacco Assessments

Environmental Health

Point of Sale Tobacco Assessments

TRPHD is partnering with NALHD to assess how stores sell and market tobacco products.

We have completed point of sale tobacco assessments throughout our seven counties as of March 28th, 2018.  This involves visiting each establishment that sells tobacco and completing a survey about how the tobacco is sold within the store.  We are looking for signs that have more than just the brand name of the cigarette or other tobacco item, graphic health warnings, and the distance from youth oriented items to the tobacco.  Other key aspects are whether the tobacco is self-service or if electronic cigarettes are sold.  This information is being gathered state-wide by many health departments and to date 247 teams have performed approximately 22,000 assessments. TRPHD conducted 139 assessments throughout the jurisdiction.  This data will be presented to the Nebraska legislature in order to effect change in new laws.


TRPHD is awaiting the analysis of the data that has been collected by this program.  The data will be shared when we receive it.