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Maria Barocio, Community Health Worker

Maria Barocio, Community Health Worker

Hablo Español

Maria Barocio has been part of the Two Rivers team since 2016 as a Community Health Worker. In this position, her main role is to connect people with the services and resources they need. Health services, clothing, or food are some examples of what Maria has community members obtain. Being bilingual, Maria offers valuable translation services to members of our community who speak Spanish. Maria has 26 years of experience working in our communities. Because Maria does a lot of the hands-on work with our community, she has many stories of the way she helps people. One of her favorites is when a man reached out to her for tooth pain. After three phone calls to different dentist, she finally found one that would accept him. Using a three way call she was able to translate and set up an appointment. When Maria asked him why he had not gone to the dentist before, he stated the dental office only spoke English and he never understood, so he hung up. He also did not have transportation to get to the dentist or money to pay for an appointment. Maria was able to be there when they removed the tooth and helped translate. A week later, the same person called and asked if Maria would make another appointment for him, which she happily did. Afterwards, he told Maria “I been having this pain for so long that even I was missing work day”. Maria is a valuable part of the Two Rivers team and always happy to connect individuals with services. 

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