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Jeremy Eschliman, Health Director

Jeremy Eschliman, Health Director

Jeremy Eschliman is the Health Director at Two Rivers Public Health Department leading a passionate team of public health professionals and partners committed to improving the health outcomes of the residents in Buffalo, Dawson, Franklin, Gosper, Harlan, Kearney, and Phelps Counties in Nebraska.  Jeremy is a doctorate candidate (DrPH) at UNMC, with a MBA, and dual undergraduate in Chemistry and Biological Sciences.  Jeremy maintains a Registered Environmental Health Specialist license. 

While at Two Rivers Public Health Department, Jeremy has led the organization by creating and adopting a new financial infrastructure, developing sustainable preventative clinical services, and achieving national public health accreditation.  Current areas of growth include the development of a home visitation program (perinatal to age 3 focused) and the expansion of foundational services such as epidemiology and environmental health. 

In his leadership and advocacy of environmental health issues, Jeremy was selected as a member of the Radon Resistant New Construction Task Force in 2017, advocating for the development of minimum standards for radon-resistant new construction across Nebraska, in addition to supporting funding directed toward the education of the dangers of radon.  Jeremy was recently appointed to the UNMC board of counsels to the chancellor and the CyncHealth Foundation.

Jeremy loves spending time free with his wife and children. In his extra time, Jeremy and his family may be caught working with cattle, fixing fences, fishing/hunting, running, or traveling.

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