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Akaela Lieth, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Akaela Lieth, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Akaela Lieth is Two Rivers Public Health Department's Marketing and Communications Coordinator. In this position, Akaela hopes to become a reliable source of information to all our partners within the community as well as keep the public informed and up to date on all the happenings within TRPHD. Before making the transition to public health she worked at NTV for 4 years, where she was a producer and director, working through  COVID-19. There she gained a lot of experience and learned many skills including, but not limited to, managing chaos. Akaela earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Nebraska Kearney in 2017. In her off hours she loves to be outdoors with her dogs and spending time with family and friends. Akaela's favorite thing about being on the TRPHD team is working towards making a difference in her community and working with everyone at TRPHD.

Relator | Restorative  | Input  | Learner  |  Command